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What amusement facilities are there in the water park?

What amusement facilities are there in the water Park?

In recent years, children's water parks have become the hottest and most profitable project. Many people start to learn about water park equipment and water park equipment manufacturers, and want to open a water park, but large-scale water parks require a lot of investment and fixed points. Today, I will recommend several movable pool-inflatable-water-Park.html target='_blank'>inflatable water Parks for you, professional customized models of Dudu Amusement!

1: Inflatable water slide series

The advantage of the inflatable water slide series is that the venue can be large or small, and different sizes can be customized according to different venues. Applicable to a wide range of people, it is a water slide that both adults and children can play! And compared to fiberglass slides, the cost is lower, and it is easy to move!
inflatable water park
Two: Airtight water park

In the past two years, the water challenge competition has been very popular among children and adults. This product is easy to move, and the effect of attracting customers is very good. It is a good summer entrepreneurial project!

airtight water park

Three: water glass fiber reinforced plastic slide series

In addition to producing inflatable water items, Dudu amusement, a water park equipment manufacturer, also specializes in the production of water stainless steel slides and water plastic slides. The series of water slides produced are cute in shape and bright in color, which are very suitable for children's playgrounds and parks and other places!
FRP water park

Summer water is very attractive to people. Compared with other amusement equipment, water park equipment is very attractive in summer. The water park products produced by Dudu Amusement, a water park equipment manufacturer, have a variety of products, whether it is a water slide or an inflatable water park, they are very attractive!

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