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How to choose an inflatable slide? What are the inflatable slides?

Summer is coming to an end, and now the evening is not so hot, and many squares have begun to put some inflatable slides to operate. So how to choose inflatable slides when operating inflatable toys in the square? What are the inflatable slides? Next, Tong Shuo will introduce to you what type of inflatable slide to choose for children.

As we all know, the inflatable slide is a toy that uses the tension force made of film material and the air pressure difference inside and outside the film to form various shapes. According to the size of the inflatable slide, it is divided into large inflatable slides and ordinary slides. According to the appearance of the inflatable slide, it can be divided into Pleasant Goat inflatable slide, penguin inflatable slide, bear haunt inflatable slide, underwater world inflatable slide, Dasheng Return inflatable slide, Ssangyong inflatable slide, faucet inflatable slide, etc. Every style of inflatable slide will have a fantastic cartoon story contained in it, so which inflatable slides are suitable for the square? Which inflatable slides do children like?

1: The area of the inflatable slide is large - the world of children is very simple. The first sight of the toy must be "wow, this inflatable slide is so big", so when choosing an inflatable slide, if the venue on the square allows it, be sure to choose A large inflatable slide, the minimum area should not be less than 98 square meters, so that the most basic touch and roll in the inflatable slide can be basically covered.

Two: The appearance of the inflatable slide is novel - every time there will be new models of the inflatable slides. The source of the new inflatable slides is the children's cartoon cartoons. In every period, there will be a cartoon that is more popular, such as Pleasant Goat, Bears, Monkey King, Underwater world, etc., the inflatable slides created according to these cartoons are very popular with children.

Three: Color matching of inflatable slides - The color matching of inflatable slides must be very bright and bright, because children are more excited to see colorful colors.

Four: Inflatable slide model matching - In addition to the appearance of the inflatable slide, the most attractive thing for children is the shape inside, such as drilling holes, rock climbing, small slides, rocking chairs, rainbow bridges, pianos, etc. All in all, the playable models in the inflatable slides The more it is, the more it will attract the attention of children, so that the business of inflatable slides will be good.

Five: Safety issues of inflatable slides - because the area of inflatable slides is relatively large, and there are more children on one-time access, so we must pay attention to the safety issues of inflatable slides, the safety distance between each model must be sufficient, and the height of the guardrail must also be Up to standard.

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