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Let's talk about the maintenance knowledge of the bouncy castle from three aspects.

bouncy castles are made up of a combination of various shapes, usually cartoons and animations that are popular nowadays. The product is made of PVC mesh fabric. This fabric has super waterproof performance and tensile strength. It only takes about ten minutes to blow up a large-scale finished product. From a business perspective, the inflatable castle is easy to manage. The size of the inflatable castle can be selected according to the site, and the shape and size can be customized. The liquidity is very strong, and it is not restricted by space and region. For children's toys, safety is the main consideration. Therefore, in our daily operations, we must always ensure the maintenance and maintenance of the bouncy castle. Let's talk about the maintenance knowledge of the bouncy castle from three aspects.

1.When operating a bouncy castle, we should choose a flat ground, and don't choose a place with a harsh surrounding environment. Avoid tree branches or cables in the air, which can easily damage or puncture the bouncy castle, causing huge safety hazards. During the business process, the number of children playing on the bouncy castle must also be controlled. Bouncy castles of different sizes have strict regulations on the number of personnel. If there are too many children on it, the load-bearing standard of the bouncy castle will be exceeded, which will seriously affect the service life.

2.At the end of the operation, we must check whether there are any sharp objects left on the surface of the bouncy castle, clean the whole bouncy castle, and perform disinfection work. Then air-dry the bouncy castle. After the surface of the bouncy castle is dry, cut off all power sources and open the air vents for air deflation. When deflating, the bouncy castle should be deflated naturally, and manual extrusion is not allowed. After the deflation is completed, it is packed and stored according to the standard.

3.When the bouncy castle is not in use, we should store it in a dry environment to avoid moisture. If the environment is relatively humid or the storage time is relatively long, we can sprinkle some desiccant on the surface of the bouncy castle to avoid damp corrosion or sticking together.

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