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Customer Feedback

Customer's feedback of the small inflatable water slide

L. Mathewson:

I bought this for my in-home daycare (as well as my own kids) and they all LOVE IT! My kids range in age from 1.5 to 6 years old. I'm really glad I got this as opposed to the smaller options. It says it's for ages 5-10 but I would highly recommend for as young as 2. Love the netting on top to protect them from falling and the little pool area is great for the 1.5 year old to splash in. Win, win all around for our own little splash pad in the backyard. Dudu amusement never disappoints :)


This was not the first inflatable slide we tried... We tried the Dudu amusement Racing Slides water slide first...they are amazing; however, after the very first use, there were two gaping holes at the seams at the bottom of the slide. I called Jim and they were ready to take care of me, but time was an issue, and we returned that slide to the big box store that it came from, and decided to 2-day ship this one.

It can be mostly contained on top of an 8x10 tarp, which is fantastic for moving it for the purpose of regrowing grass every couple of days. As opposed to the other one, the pool and climbing wall are contained within obe area, so the mud that was an issue from running around the other one is not at all an issue for this one. It does feel somewhat smaller, and it is more important to have a more level area since both slides don't have their own "pools," but it has been played with day in and day out for weeks with many, many children ages 3-10 (neighborhood gathering place,) and we have had no issues with tears or rips, and everyone has had an excellent time. It is also soooooo much easier to handle than the other slide. We have stored it for a few days at a time, but I, of course, cannot yet attest to how well it survives the winter. We hope it does, but either way, I assure you they have already gotten our money's worth out of it! We used it for a party, for which renting an inflatable was going to cost nearly the same amount, and now they get to enjoy this one nearly every day!

Set up is a breeze, tear down is also very simple and moving it could not be easier with the aid of the tarp underneath of it. My 7-year old sets the pump up himself everytime he wants to play with it.

Cannot say enough wonderful things about Dudu' customer service with our issues with the first one, and this slide in general. Hours and hours worth of fun and even if it only lasts one summer, we could not be happier!!!

Leigha Thomas:

We are now on year three. In Houston, TX, we get A LOT of use out of it. This year, the bottom part where the water gathers, has a collage of duct tape where it has gotten a bit worn out on the bottom/underneath side. The rest of the slide is still in tip top shape. No mold. No holes. Still a blast. The kids love their splash mountain!!!

Original Post:

We are on our second summer of using this Inflatable water slide. Since we live in Houston, last year we used it for a season of about 6 months. My elementary aged son and toddler son have gotten hours of enjoyment from this purchase. Totally worth the investment.

My husband even climbs in there to play with them every now and then. Not recommended for regular use for adults probably! Haha


Get it very clean and dry before putting it away for the cold months.

When you get it back out again the next year, plan to air it out and use a good sponge and cleaner on it. It did develop some moldy spots, but with a little elbow grease and cleaner, it looks brand new again.

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