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Five parts teach you how to drive bumper cars for fun

Many friends will go to play bumper cars when they come to the amusement park. When the bumper cars collide, they will give people a very exciting feeling. This guide teaches you how to play bumper cars.

1. Seat belt
Before you start, you must wear your seat belts, especially those who are just starting to learn about bumper cars. Newbie friends who are just starting to learn about bumper cars are not yet proficient in the operation and may collide at any time. Not wearing a seat belt is very dangerous.

2. Control the throttle

When children and novices are playing with bumper cars, they should control the throttle, that is, control the speed of the bumper cars. When you are about to hit other bumper cars, you should turn the steering wheel slightly. Instead, keep stepping on the accelerator, a strong collision may be dangerous, and safety should be the priority.

3. Hit the opponent
For friends who often play bumper cars, collisions may bring happiness. Directly hitting the rear of the opponent's car, the impact is the strongest, in fact, it is hitting the front of the opponent's car. It is recommended that the speed should not be too fast during impact, and safety is the priority.

4. Group Siege
If you are playing with a lot of friends, you can try multiple people to besiege one person. Friends who can block and bump and escape from multiple directions, in fact, the happiest thing is the atmosphere where everyone is playing together. Note: You should pay proper attention to the impact strength, even if it hits an adult, it should not be too strong, and children should not hit it.

5. Reversing game play
Friends who have played bumper cars should know that bumper cars do not have brakes. If you want to reverse, you need to use the steering wheel flexibly. First find the sense of balance, and then turn the steering wheel backwards to complete the reversing smoothly.

6. Drift
Do many people dream of drifting in a four-wheeled car one day? It just so happens that bumper cars also have four wheels. If the car is drifting, it usually needs to be braked, but what if the bumper car does not brake? Teach you a technique: keep a fast speed before drifting, and turn the steering wheel quickly when you want to turn, you can successfully complete the drift.

7. Parking space
When the bumper car time is almost over, you need to park the bumper car in the designated position. If you are a more experienced bumper driver, here is a perfect finishing touch to park the bumper car in the designated parking space without deviation. It will definitely attract a lot of envious eyes.

8. Do not get out of the car at any time
If you don’t want to play halfway, don’t get out of the car at any time, because other friends are still playing bumper cars, you can easily get hit halfway, even if you are not hit, it will make the place a mess. If you want to rest or don't want to play, you can pull over and park, wait for the game to end, and then you can get out of the car.

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