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World amusement equipment industry market operation pattern

        World amusement equipment industry market operation pattern

Highlights of the world's amusement equipment market

From the perspective of the overall development trend of the amusement industry, the application area of large-scale amusement facilities will no longer be limited to traditional playgrounds and theme parks at this stage, but will be large-scale amusement combined with urban complexes with the continuous development of urban complex projects Facilities will become an important market demand point in the future.


Summary of the status of world amusement equipment

The amusement equipment industry is the product of the development of social material civilization and industrial level to a certain stage. The appearance of the United States Disneyland in 1955 made the amusement equipment industry enter a new stage of development. By 2015, the global amusement equipment market size has exceeded 30 billion US dollars.


Demand is strong in the international market. In recent years, in addition to the United States, Western Europe, and Japan markets, the demand for amusement equipment in the Middle East, Australia, Eastern Europe, South America and other places has grown rapidly, and market demand in Africa and Southeast Asia has grown rapidly. The huge market demand will drive the corresponding increase in demand for hardware products and equipment.

                    Global Amusement Equipment Market Size, 2010-2015



Analysis of amusement equipment operation in major countries in the world


1.United States

The American amusement equipment industry and its development can be traced back to the great success of Walt Disney Company in developing the theme park concept in the 1950s. Shortly after the opening of Disney Parks, Texas' "Six Flags" established the concept of a regional theme park. In the following years, the U.S. market boomed, and to date, a variety and variety of amusement systems have been established, including theme parks, family playgrounds, water Parks, fairs, ski resorts, and family play centers.


The amusement equipment safety management in the United States is separately responsible for the federal and local governments (mainly state level). For the federal government, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) exercises jurisdiction over complaints, investigations, and recalls of defects in mobile amusement equipment from the perspective of consumer protection. The state government or some major city governments are responsible for the safety management, inspection and testing, accident investigation and handling of fixed amusement equipment and mobile amusement equipment. Whether it is mobile amusement equipment or stationary amusement equipment, the state government or some major city governments undertake most of the safety management work.


Market Size of American Amusement Equipment, 2010-2015




     Europe is one of the most developed regions in the world's amusement equipment industry. Europe has a number of world-leading amusement equipment manufacturers such as Zamperla, HUSS, Gerstlauer. After years of development, the European amusement equipment industry has matured. From the construction of amusement parks to parts and components of amusement equipment, a complete supply and sales system has been formed. From a technical point of view, European amusement equipment has also been at the forefront of the world. Many large-scale rides come from European companies.


Market Size of French Amusement Equipment, 2010-2015 



Japan is a leader in the Asian amusement equipment industry. Due to the development of the domestic amusement industry, the production and sales of amusement equipment have also been greatly promoted. However, due to land tension, the Japanese amusement equipment market is mainly inclined to small and medium-sized amusement equipment, especially electronic amusement equipment has a large market in Japan. In addition, Japan is one of the world's major exporters of electronic amusement products.


         Market Size of Japanese Amusement Equipment Industry, 2010-2015



Analysis of the development trend of the world's amusement equipment industry

Driven by demand, the global amusement equipment market size will maintain a steady growth trend. It is estimated that by 2022, the global amusement equipment market size will reach $ 51.4 billion.


                 2016-2022 Global Amusement Equipment Market Scale Forecast



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