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Water park management, these four strategies must be known!

Over the years, the water Park has grown strongly and developed rapidly, making it a shining spot. With the gradual transformation of the water park, upgrading and upgrading, its business management model is becoming more and more important, playing a unique and significant role. Different resource endowments and regional source markets have different modes of operation and management. Whether the model is scientific and reasonable directly affects the sustainable development of the water park. The following four strategies play a vital role in the operation of the water park, you must know:


1. Advertising plan

Advertising is the first line of marketing promotion. Almost all children's amusement parks will make an overall publicity plan every year, and there is a corresponding advertising budget. Advertising, including the production of themed image commercials, TV commercials, newspaper advertisements, radio advertisements, magazine advertisements, TV subtitle advertisements, electronic billboard advertisements, public transportation advertisements and online advertisements. In the annual advertising plan, it is necessary to make the most effective combination and use of various advertising forms, and evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of advertising, as the basis for the adjustment of the next (season) annual advertising plan.


2, festival promotions

     Festival promotions are common in department stores, large shopping malls or large shopping centers. Children's amusement parks can also be cited in marketing, because festivals are the best time for a family trip. When planning festival promotions, we plan special festivals and gardens based on different festivals. It is worth mentioning that Christmas-air-dancer.html target='_blank'>Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween and other Western festivals are being used more and more in the theme park's event planning, and this business atmosphere has brought more people and should be valued.


3. Promotion of travel cards and membership cards.

      At present, the trend of leisure and holiday tourism is growing. Related corporate and travel companies have begun issuing travel discount cards. Even some children's amusement parks or leisure industries also issue their own membership cards. These discount cards or membership cards are not only an intangible currency circulating in the market, but also a promotional medium for marketing and promotion company products. The issuance of a discount card or membership card must give the cardholder or consumer a good value for money. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive.


4, off-season discount promotion

      The off-season ticket discount promotion strategy can effectively alleviate the decline in turnover in the off-season. The leisure industry, especially the amusement park-type industry, is affected by the weather and seasonal climate. In the children's amusement park, when the passenger flow is low and the equipment utilization rate is not high, the ticket discount strategy can be implemented to attract tourists. Visitors are attracted to the theme park because of the discounted price of the ticket. The consumption of food, entertainment or purchase of tourist goods may not be reduced. This is another marketing strategy to stimulate tourists' desire for consumption.

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