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How to purchase the bumper car

How to purchase the bumper car


1. Choose the a really manufacture

Why you need a really manufacture?
Because the really manufacture with a cheaper price, and a good manufacture could offer the fast after-sale service.


2. How to choose a suitable bumper car for you

Firstly, you need let manufacture know how big of the area and make sure your playground has a suitable power for bumper car.


The quantity of the bumper car depends on the playground size. And the bumper has three types(Battery; ground net type; sky net type), Ground net and sky net type use electric directly and the other type use battery. If you make a amusement park not need move, the bumper car without battery is a good choice, you don’t worry the battery without power, and also don’t worry the battery usage. This types has two install way, the ground net type need a special floor for power, and the sky net use ceiling for power, that could be chose. If your need use the bumper car at different place, the battery bumper car is better choice.That three types bumper car as following photo:


3. How to check the quality when factory test the bumper car

The bumper car must be tested after produce, if supplier not offer test video, can’t pay the balance payment.

Firstly need supplier offer the show for all of the functions of the bumper car, then need all of the bumper car running, the bumper car need fully loaded then to test, that’s the best way for test.


4. How to chose the package for the bumper car

The best choice for bumper car packing is use the plywood box, that could protect your bumper car perfect. Some of the supplier choose cartoon for packing, that will reduce the cost for them, but this is very very bad for your bumper car transfer, maybe you will get the broken bumper car

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