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How much for a inflatable bouncer that depends on 4 points

In recent years, children’s bouncy castles have been loved by the masses, and more and more customers operate and invest in bouncy castles. Why do more and more customers invest in bouncy castles? The main reasons are the following two points. One is the small amount of investment, and the other is the low investment risk. With the hot sale of bouncy castles, more and more bouncy castle manufacturers have emerged, so how can investors buy one with confidence? Where's your bouncy castle?

1: Look at workmanship. In order to save costs, some inflatable castle manufacturers cut corners in the production process. There are some small businesses that want to make a temporary profit and do one-off transactions, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality of their products. A good bouncy castle investor can directly observe through the surface, the stitches are stable, the selected materials are bright in color, and give a feeling of fullness after inflating, while some inferior products are flat no matter how inflated.

2: Look at the price/performance ratio. For the sake of cheapness, some investors blindly pursue low-priced products, and then they can only suffer a loss. Compare prices on the same product quality and service. After all, inflatable castles are a place for children to enjoy happiness. Only the operator who chooses the right product can manage it without any worries.

3: It depends on the shape. Appearance is very important. Don't choose according to your own vision, but look at the product according to the market's perspective. Inflatable castles are aimed at children, so products that conform to children's aesthetics are naturally popular. Therefore, when choosing a product, it is necessary to see whether the appearance of the product is novel, whether it integrates current popular elements, and whether it can resonate among children.

4: Look at the after-sales service. Only manufacturers with perfect after-sales service can avoid unnecessary troubles for the operators in the later stage. After all, bouncy castles are consumables, and some problems in the later stages are unavoidable.

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